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Platelet Rich Plasma

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Platelet rich plasma (PRP) is a regenerative therapy that combats inflammation and enhances your body’s natural ability to heal. If you’re dealing with an injury or chronic pain condition, PRP may be the solution you’re looking for.

PRP Injections

Platelets are a component of our blood cells that are primarily responsible for regulating our blood’s ability to clot properly, but they also play a vital role throughout the healing process. When the body experiences a traumatic event, platelets immediately get to work. Naturally, the more platelets that are available to address the trauma, the faster and more effective the healing process becomes.

Platelets accelerate the healing process by first quietting inflammation, and then, stimulating the restoration and repair of damaged cells.

Thanks to the high concentration of growth factors and cytokines, platelets are highly effective in delivering proteins and peptides to the affected area to kick-start the immune system so that healing can take place.

Through advanced technology, we’re able to conveniently prepare your PRP injection in our clinic using just a small sample of your blood. Using your blood sample, we’ll separate the blood to separate your platelets into the plasma that will then be injected into the area that’s causing you pain. The injections are very safe,  and pose little to no risk of adverse reaction.

Benefits of Platelet-Rich Plasma Therapy

The benefits of platelet-rich plasma therapy include:

  • Effective relief for both chronic and acute pain.
  • Little to no discomfort.
  • Zero downtime after treatment.
  • An alternative to dangerous surgery or pharmaceuticals.
  • The ability to be used in addition to stem cell therapy.

PRP Treatment

PRP therapy has gained popularity very quickly due to its proven effectiveness in treating a wide range of conditions.

Platelet-rich plasma is a simple yet powerful treatment for people suffering from mild to chronic pain, providing lasting relief that allows them to lead normal lives again.

While platelet rich plasma is highly effective as a stand-alone treatment, it is also frequently combined with stem cell treatments, depending on the patient’s treatment goals.

Patients have reported significant improvements for conditions involving:

  • Knee Injury
  • Damaged Cartilage
  • Sciatica, Disc Problems, and Other Back Pain
  • Joint Pain
  • Neck Pain
  • Ligament Tears
  • Plantar Fasciitis and Other Foot Pain
  • Bone Issues
  • Arthritis
  • Neuropathy
  • And Other Conditions

If you’re considering PRP and would like more information, contact us to arrange a FREE consultation. Our doctors will help you decide if PRP is right for you.